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Wall Mounting Brackets for LCD, LED, Plasma TV, LCD Wall Mount Dealers Calicut

Dotnet Solutions, calicut. We supply & install LCD, LED, Plasma TV Wall Mounting Brackets, We provide high quality LCD, LED Wall Mounting Brackets which are made using high grade raw material ensuring their high strength and durability.

Fixed Wall Mount for Sony, Samsung, Toshiba, LG LCD/LED TV's readily available. 22" to 42" LED, LCD TV  Wall Mount Brackets.

For  more  details  please  contact:
Roshan @ 93491 21155, 95679 70172

Dotnet Solutions
3/667, Opp Nadakavue Girls High School
West Nadakavue,
Kannur Road,
Calicut 673011
Mobile: 93491 21155

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Attractive Hoardings available for rent at Calicut Mini Bypass. Hoarding Advertising in Calicut.OOH Outdoor Advertising, Hoardings Rental in Calicut, Billboards

We have attractive hoarding for rent at calicut, kerala.  Hoarding size of  40 x 40 ft, (1600 sq.ft) facing Calicut Mini Bypass four lane road, with clear visibility from entire city traffic. Incoming and outgoing.

HOARDING SIZE: 40X40, 1600 sq.ft
SITE LOCATION: Calicut Mini Bypass
NAME OF THE ROAD: Arayidathupalam-Eranjipalam Road
TYPE OF ROAD: Four Lane Road
LANDMARKS: Sarovaram Bio Park, Silky Weddings
TYPE OF AREA: Commuters
STATUS: Available from December 2013
This hoarding can't be missed by anybody who enters the city.

If you're interested in advertising in this hoardings,
Roshan @
95679 70172, 93491 21155
Call us for best price...

Ground Level Hoarding - High Visibility 

Hoardings offers high impact, informative and cost effective alternative to traditional advertising, which is available for 24 hrs. Outdoor Media can't be surfed by a remote, flipped over, torn out or thrown away. It's always on & Ads are not lost in the mix of competitors and editorials ads. Properly conceived and designed hoardings will increase brand awareness, give your business the cutting competitive edge.

Hoarding Advertising Advantage:
* Hoardings are one of the most cost-effective mediums of advertising. Lowest cost per thousand impressions.

* Hoarding advertising capture the attention of customers like no other form of advertising.

* Outdoor media can't be surfed by a remote, flipped over, torn out or thrown away. It's always on. Non-intrusive communication: More effective; they're easy to use, and not disturbing.

* Ads are not lost in the mix of competitors and editorials ad.

* Continuous Visibility, Establishing brand awareness round the clock, 24 hrs visibility

* LocalExposure: Outdoor advertising affords the advertiser a large amount of flexibility in determining the area to advertise. The characteristics of outdoor advertising exposure require fast impact, a clear message, and a strong brand identity.

* Huge Impact: Messages are delivered continuously and frequently. Brand awareness and strong name recognition, Targets a specific audience according to location, Extended Reach.

Dotnet Solutions
3/667, Opp Nadakkavu Girls High School
West Nadakkavu,Kannur Road,
Calicut, Kerala 673011
Mobile: 95679 70172, 93491 21155

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tata Walky Wireless Land Phone Dealer in Calicut TATA WALKY LAND LINE PHONE CONNECTIONS

Dotnet Solutions, calicut.  We provide Tata Walky Wireless Land Phone Connections at your doorstep. Choice of fancy numbers & 10 digit numbers starting with 92 available.

For Tata Walky Wireless Land Phone Connections Call: Roshan @ 93491 21155, 95679 70172 

Why Tata Walky?
Tata Walky offers a number of advantages that make it a clear winner when it comes to landlines. Here's why more and more families and businesses are choosing Tata Walky over other phones.

Freedom from Wires: No wires mean easier installation, easier usage and better service. Tata Walky phones are installed without a fuss, are very convenient to use and offer superior connectivity over mobile and internet.

State-of-the-art devices: Tata Walky devices come with a range of features that make landlines smarter and more efficient. At the same time, they remain easy to use making them the preferred landline. Newer features like FM Radio and internet connectivity give them a definite edge.

Cost-efficient plans: Both, Tata Walky Postpaid and Prepaid Tariff Plans have been designed such that they offer a lot of variety - in terms of their combinations. Whatever your usage patterns, you will find a plan that’s perfect for you. Tata Walky Prepaid, comes with attractive recharge vouchers that bring great value at little cost.

Intelligent Features:
 Features like Caller ID, Call Waiting, Conferencing, Call Barring are a given across handsets, and need not be specially activated.

Wide Network Coverage: Tata Walky Phones operate on Tata Teleservices Network, which operates on all 22 circles, across the country. Awarded ‘Least Congested Network’ five years in a row, you can rest assured that connectivity interference or interruptions will never be a problem with a Walky.

Customer Care: In keeping with the Tata tradition, customer satisfaction comes first on our list of priorities. Whether it is applying for a connection, buying a phone, activating a service or servicing your phone, we have multiple channels through which you can get in touch with us.

Tata Walky was created out of an idea and a firm belief that landline phones can be and do a lot more than their conventional roles. Combining effortlessly the functionality of a mobile and the stability of a landline, Tata Walky has changed the way families perceive and use landlines.
With mobile telephony breaking all barriers of communication, it was high time that landlines catch up. Tata Walky perfectly bridges this gap by offering features like
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Instant activation
  • Stylish models
  • Attractive tariff plans
  • Postpaid and Prepaid facilities

Tata Walky offers different services to suit the needs of different types of customers.

Home Phone: Tata Walky home phones offer features of mobile phone handsets like caller line identification, SMS and phonebook, combined with tariff plans specifically tailored for home phone usage. Plus, with a built-in FM radio, our models offer a neat mix of essentials and entertainment.

Business Phone: For businesses looking for more value for their money, Tata Walky presents the ideal proposition with functions like Line Hunting, Pooling, Voicemail and High-speed Internet Access.

Prepaid Connections: A wireless Tata Walky with a prepaid connection is the most sensible thing for families on the move. The Tata Walky Prepaid offers attractive & affordable plans along with Lifetime Validity and a variety of recharge vouchers.

Postpaid Connections: Tata Walky Postpaid phones are the easiest to activate and use, and come with tariff plans that are simple and economical.

Documents Required:
1) Local address proof matching with u r current address.(Ration Card, Driving licence etc)
2) ID proof
3) 1 passport size colour photograph

Dotnet Solutions
3/667, Opp Nadakavue Girls High School
West Nadakavue,
Kannur Road,
Calicut 673011
Mobile: 93491 21155, 95679 70172

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Airtel DTH HD STB'S are now Recorder. High Definition DTH Dealer in Calicut

Dotnet Solutions, We are authorised dealers for Airtel Digital TV HD (High Definition) & DVR (Digital Video Recoder). We provide DTH connections with one year onsite warranty & fast installation.

For High Definition DTH Experience
CALL ROSHAN @ 93491 21155 or 95679 70172
Free Home Delivery & Installation.

Now You Can Record Live TV Programes in your Pendrive or External Hard Disk.

- Airtel HD STB now supports external Hard disk through USB, so now HD STB becomes HD Recorder.

- VOD and Catchup service has been added. (By catchup TV Service, you can watch old programmes broadcast on various channels)

- Now connect your external hard disk to the USB port of your Airtel HD STB and you are ready to go. Play, Pause, Rewind and Record !

- Upgrade your existing set-top box to airtel digital TV HD and enjoy 5 times picture clarity and also record your favorite programmes for viewing later!

Dotnet Solutions
3/667, Opp Nadakavue Girls High School
West Nadakavue,
Kannur Road,
Calicut 673011
Mobile: 93491 21155, 95679 70172

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GPS Dealers in Calicut GPS Navigation System, Mapmyindia GPS - Global Positioning System

Dotnet Solutions, Calicut.  We  are  the authorised  dealers  for GPS Navigation System in calicut.

For Demo & Installation Call:  ROSHAN @ 93491 21155, 95679 70172

GPS is no more a luxury…

A decade ago, GPS (Global positioning system) devices were marvelous, almost science-fictional gadgets that you found only in expensive cars or perhaps handheld GPS devices owned by very wealthy people. Navigation systems which were once reserved for airplanes and cruise ships are now common place in the cars today.

What is GPS or Global Positioning System?

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite-based navigation system made up of a network of 24 satellites placed into orbit by the U.S. Department of Defense. GPS navigation system allows users to pinpoint place with great accuracy. It makes use of signals transmitted by some of the 24 dedicated satellites circling the globe in precisely defined orbits. Using the satellites as reference points, GPS receivers calculate positions based on the difference in arrival time of signals from the different satellites. GPS was originally conceived as a navigation aid for the U.S. military. GPS is now routinely used in aircraft, ships, air traffic control systems…

Is there any subscription fees?

There are no subscription fees or recurring monthly charges to use GPS anywhere in the world.

Dotnet Solutions

3/667, Opp Nadakavue Girls High School
West Nadakavue,
Kannur Road,
Calicut 673011
Mobile:  93491 2115
, 95679 70172

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DTH Dealers in Calicut. DTH Dealers for Tata Sky | Airtel Digital TV | SunDirect | Dishtv | Videocon D2H | HD DTH Connections|

For New DTH Connections: Call Roshan @ 95679 70172, 93491 21155 (Free Home Delivery & Installation) Dotnet Solutions,  We are authorize...