Sunday, April 8, 2012

Airtel DTH HD STB'S are now Recorder. High Definition DTH Dealer in Calicut

Dotnet Solutions, We are authorised dealers for Airtel Digital TV HD (High Definition) & DVR (Digital Video Recoder). We provide DTH connections with one year onsite warranty & fast installation.

For High Definition DTH Experience
CALL ROSHAN @ 93491 21155 or 95679 70172
Free Home Delivery & Installation.

Now You Can Record Live TV Programes in your Pendrive or External Hard Disk.

- Airtel HD STB now supports external Hard disk through USB, so now HD STB becomes HD Recorder.

- VOD and Catchup service has been added. (By catchup TV Service, you can watch old programmes broadcast on various channels)

- Now connect your external hard disk to the USB port of your Airtel HD STB and you are ready to go. Play, Pause, Rewind and Record !

- Upgrade your existing set-top box to airtel digital TV HD and enjoy 5 times picture clarity and also record your favorite programmes for viewing later!

Dotnet Solutions
3/667, Opp Nadakavue Girls High School
West Nadakavue,
Kannur Road,
Calicut 673011
Mobile: 93491 21155, 95679 70172

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GPS Dealers in Calicut GPS Navigation System, Mapmyindia GPS - Global Positioning System

Dotnet Solutions, Calicut.  We  are  the authorised  dealers  for GPS Navigation System in calicut.

For Demo & Installation Call:  ROSHAN @ 93491 21155, 95679 70172

GPS is no more a luxury…

A decade ago, GPS (Global positioning system) devices were marvelous, almost science-fictional gadgets that you found only in expensive cars or perhaps handheld GPS devices owned by very wealthy people. Navigation systems which were once reserved for airplanes and cruise ships are now common place in the cars today.

What is GPS or Global Positioning System?

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite-based navigation system made up of a network of 24 satellites placed into orbit by the U.S. Department of Defense. GPS navigation system allows users to pinpoint place with great accuracy. It makes use of signals transmitted by some of the 24 dedicated satellites circling the globe in precisely defined orbits. Using the satellites as reference points, GPS receivers calculate positions based on the difference in arrival time of signals from the different satellites. GPS was originally conceived as a navigation aid for the U.S. military. GPS is now routinely used in aircraft, ships, air traffic control systems…

Is there any subscription fees?

There are no subscription fees or recurring monthly charges to use GPS anywhere in the world.

Dotnet Solutions

3/667, Opp Nadakavue Girls High School
West Nadakavue,
Kannur Road,
Calicut 673011
Mobile:  93491 2115
, 95679 70172

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